Symbiotic relationship :  an arrangement where different organisms live together for mutual benefits and growth.

Symbiosis represents a close and long term interactions in nature, in which species gain benefits from each other, and create an interdependent organism.  


We think this example of mutualism can be the same in business as it is in nature. We aim to work together with our customers and suppliers e.g. yarn mills, and label printers to create symbiosis, a relationship for long term mutual benefits rather than immediate unilateral short term gains.


Partnerships heighten in their significance when we are able to provide our 

customers with speed and service; work with them for symbiotic relationship.

We work with customers not only as a passive receptor that follows customer directions; but also a proactive contributor based on our rich socks knowledge and extensive industrial resources.

We are able to recommend solutions/ options for customer consideration and choice once we understand clearly what are customer specific needs and his/her market situations; and our sales and marketing team are encouraged to work in this fashion.

We hope to establish strategic cooperation with our major partners, aiming for long term mutually beneficial relationship.

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